Our practice is simple: “to counsel our clients in blueprinting
the most cost-efficient approach to building their business”

We offer a full-service approach to advertising and marketing

Past marketing and advertising ROI analysis

We don’t take what our clients have accomplished for granted. We study their past work and discuss the resources required to move their company forward. It’s the 4-Step Process™ we employ with every client, and the foundation for understanding the company product and Brand, its competition and target audience, and which of the myriad of available Marketing Channels will deliver the maximum ROI.

mcgregor | graham, because success doesn’t happen by accident.

Assessment of Branding using the mcgregor | graham Brand Creation Process™

  • Formalized “unique selling proposition” (USP) definition
  • Competitive analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Target audience profiling (demographic, income, geography, lifestyle)

Formalized USP (Unique Selling Proposition) definition

Every individual client assignment begins with a detailed analysis of the competitive marketplace; an interrogation of the company’s USP and then we Position the product – all in an effort to answer the question: “why should someone choose us over the competition”? This kind of strategic thinking trumps shiny graphics or clever headlines, regardless of their creativity.

Before you spend a dime to launch a marketing or advertising campaign, think about “strategy” first, then, think mcgregor | graham.

Competitive Analysis including SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Target definition including demographic, income, geographic and social profiling

Strategic Planning

Unlike most ad agency models, where creative “wags the dog”, we start by reviewing the current status of our client’s advertising plans, then make recommendations as to fundamental principles that will offer the greatest return on investment in building their new plan.

mcgregor | graham isn’t for everyone, just as entrepreneurship isn’t for every Tom, Dick, And Harry. But, if you’re serious about business, and looking for someone who’s equally hard-nosed about getting things right, give us the opportunity to show you what kind of partners we can be.

Brand, Graphic and Communication Standards Counsel

Institutional and Direct Advertising planning, budgeting and placement

Television, Radio, Billboard, Print and internet production

Internet, Social and Mobile Marketing Applications

Partner Marketing Strategies (Local, Regional, National, International)

Sales Planning, Management and Forecasting (By Vertical Programs)

Database Strategies and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Counsel

Tracking and Reporting System recommendations and implementation

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