The Levingston Method

Project Description

Innovative Alternative Medicine – The Levingston Method – Chiropractic practice interested in creating multiple Branded locations. Developed a proprietary Positioning relative to the methodologies employed. Developed the Brand and Logo; website; marketing plan

Project Details

Client: The agency was tasked with developing a unique positioning in the marketplace for Innovative Alternative Medicine, LLC. As our research confirmed, chiropractic companies have very little points of differentiation, as most are Branded with a generalized reference to the practice. In studying the company’s USP, we decided to capitalize on Dr. Levingston’s application of multiple modalities, and create exclusivity by referring to his proprietary approach of applying holistic medicine and technology as “The Levingston Method”. To further personalize, we used a head and shoulders illustration as an extension of the mark. To our knowledge, no one has ever Branded a practice this way.

Tags: Branding, Digital, Positioning, Targeting

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