Cliff House Lodge

Project Description

Cliff House Lodge  –  A Red Rocks Favorite Since 1864 – Colorado-based Boutique B&B. Re-Branding; Logo and Tagline; identification of  local, regional, and national “Affinity Group” Target profiles; developing local and national strategic plan; creating and executing national advertising and marketing plan; website / social media development

Project Details

Client: Cliff House Lodge: Through our Target Profiling effort, we concluded that conventional “shotgun” hotel advertising was not an efficient CPM approach. Rather, we decided to get more “rifled” on the prospect bases offering the greatest yield. Our study produced the following Target activities as representing over 80% of their customer’s preference: Art, Cycling, Fly-fishing, Guided Hunting and Fishing, Hiking, Motorcycling, Photography, Red Rocks Concerts, Weddings, and Yoga. Accordingly, we featured those Affinity Groups as a slider mini-campaign on their website; developed downloadable electronic brochures for each; and designed Direct Marketing programs against each of the Target cohorts. The advertising and marketing programs have been extremely successful and the website analytics have reflected an increase of visitation and search beyond their expectations.

Tags: Branding, Campaigns, Digital, Targeting

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