What Are Creative Mandatories™?

  • Creative Mandatories™ include those Graphic Treatments and Copy Points that represent the optimum presentation of your Brand, and those Response “Triggers” important to your Target
  • Graphically, they include the configuration of your advertising Template, your Logo, photography, renderings, line art, etc.
  • Copy-wise, they encompass the Brand Characteristics, the USP, the Tagline and the style in which you communicate your offering
  • From a stimulus / response perspective, “Triggers” included in your Creative Mandatories™ are those “Selling” components that your Target responds to best
  • Creative Mandatories™ are the basic essentials in building a company’s “Brand Book”

How are they used?

  • Most advertising breaks-down into standardized formats called “Live Areas”. Your advertising within these formats are dictated by your Creative Mandatories™
  • Whether your advertising is created by an agency art director and copywriter, or in-house staff members, Creative Mandatories™ ensure all critical Brand and messaging components are included
  • Creative Mandatories™ are “organic” and change as the company advances within the competitive hierarchy, and/or employs new strategies impacting its USP
  • It serves as a “Design Protocol” for all types of media, ensuring consistent messaging
  • Creative Mandatories™ answer any conceivable question about your brand as it applies to advertising

What is their value?

  • Creative Mandatories™ translate to real savings in advertising dollars, as they accelerate company and product Impression
  • Presentation of your Brand in a recognizable environment contributes to maximizing Brand and product recognition
  • Utilization of graphic and copy components that best communicate your USP ensures the most effective “Story” is being employed
  • Target “Triggers” include industry-related jargon, buzz words, offers, etc. that speak to your audience in “their language”, communicating credibility and expertise
  • Advertising strategies that employ Creative Mandatories™ results in messaging continuity and allows for capitalizing on the “Residual Effect”
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