TIGAR Gymnastics – The International Gymnastics Academy of the Rockies – http://www.tigargymnastics.com/ Colorado-based professional gymnastics center, including Olympic contenders and competitors. Re-Branding; development of strategic plan; creation of advertising and marketing campaigns; website / social media development

Our Digital efforts included website development, SEO, creation of a Blog and integration with existing social media platforms, primarily Facebook. In re-designing the website, special attention was paid toward a design that would not only provide information about the gymnastics facility and classes, but also encourage visitors to sign-up for classes.  With this in mind, the home page was built to allow for easy interaction and access to a backend scheduling system.  Website development was also coordinated with a formal SEO campaign.  As a result of this work, activity on the TIGAR website has increased from a few visits per day to an average of 250 visits per day, and organic search results have improved from zero top 5 rankings to over 100 top 5 rankings in less than six months.


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