New Energy Structures Company – NESCO: Today’s Solution for Tomorrow’s World – National large-scale commercial solar contractor. Agency involved in Re-Branding company; Logo and Tagline development; national strategic plan; participating on the company’s new business development team; creating and executing national advertising and marketing plan; website / social media development

Nesco ownership came to the agency with the Objective to Brand the company as a premier, national commercial solar contractor. After careful study of the industry, we put it through our proprietary Branding process and, with the intent to establish the “look and feel” of a Fortune 500, designed the Logo and Tagline. Then, we built its website, including showcasing its capabilities; previous projects; “10 Good Reasons To Choose NESCO”; a Social Media platform; and an embedded “Electronic Brochure”. In addition, we developed the company’s CRM, including industry database, and outlined a national marketing and advertising plan. Currently, industry principals serve on NESCO Strategic Planning and New Business Development teams.


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