Colorado Irish Festival – #1 in Summerfest Fun – Annual Colorado Irish celebration including 20,000 – 30,000 attendees. National competitive study regarding the top 10 festivals in the US; Re-Branding; Tagline; Execution of metro Denver-targeted Institutional Media plan including print, radio, television, PR and Direct Marketing campaigns; website / social media campaign development

In developing the Institutional campaign, we concluded that radio offered the most cost-efficient approach to broadcast. With that in-mind, we designed an integrated radio buy, involving nearly a half-dozen Denver stations and including traditional 30-second spot schedules, aggressive “on-air” jock mentions, and a sponsorship. On the creative-side, we wanted something unique to the product, with the ability to break-through the advertising clutter. In that vein, we wrote 5 spots involving dialogues between “Sean” and “Mikey”, in traditional Irish brogues, and addressing humorous spins on the festival experience. Our sampling research indicated very positive client identification and messaging retention. Listen to examples of radio spots below.

Radio Spots





Girls Night Out

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